A man’s child was dying. He was desperate, and he knew that only one person could possibly save his son. The father traveled 16 miles by foot, and found Jesus in the little town of Cana in Galillee. He begged Jesus to heal his son, and Jesus did. Jesus spoke, “Your son lives,” and at exactly that hour the boy was healed. This is the second sign Jesus performed.

The point of the signs is not the signs themselves. The point is what the signs are pointing us to. In this sign, the point is that Jesus brings health and life to people. That’s what Jesus’ mission is about. It’s about health and life. It's about bringing health and life to others. If we are followers of Jesus, then we are about the things that bring health and life to others.

There are times when we look for God in a sign, instead of allowing the sign to point us to God. We get lost looking for God in a post, and miss God’s presence all around us. We get distracted in the debates surrounding God's word, to the point that we fail to be the embodiment of God's word. 

The point of the signs, is that Jesus brings health and life to people. That's it! That's the point! If the things we are about, if the things we support, and say, and live, and do, do not bring health and life to people, then we’ve missed the point.


Last Sunday I preached about the second sign. Listen to it here.